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Meet Your Summit Speakers

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These Veterans & Active Duty Military Members Have Been Where You Want To Go
Caleb Campbell - US Army
Caleb Campbell

US ARMY                

West Point Grad - Army Veteran/Former NFL Player/Current Motivational Speaker

Mike Erwin - US Army
Mike Erwin

US ARMY                

West Point Grad - Major Army Reserves/Founder - Team RWB & the Positivity Project/CEO - The Character & Leadership Center

Anthony Garcia - US Army Veteran
Anthony Garcia

US ARMY                

Army MEDEVAC Pilot Veteran/Co-Founder/CEO - Guide On

Dr. Michael Morris - University of Florida
Dr. Michael Morris

University of Florida

Warrington College of Business              

Program Director - Veterans Entrepreneurship Program University of Florida

Tom Morkes

US ARMY                

West Point Grad - Army Veteran/Founder - Insurgent Publishing

Kristina Guerrero - US Air Force Veteran - Founder - TurboPUP
Kristina Guerrero

US AIR FORCE               

Air Force Academy Grad/C-130 Pilot Veteran/Founder - TurboPUP

Chris Albert - USMC
Chris Albert

US MARINE CORPS                

US Marine Corps Veteran/Founder - Warrior Soul Fitness & Apparel

Bernard Edwards - US Air Force
Bernard Edwards

US AIR FORCE               

Air Force Orthopedic Surgical Care & Instructor (Ret.)/Founder - Veteran Nomads & Unconventional Veteran/Licensed Real Estate Agent

Ira Hayes - US Air Force Veteran
Ira Hayes

US AIR FORCE               

Air Force Academy Graduate Veteran/Founder - Smart Armor Tech

Alison Miller - US Army
Alison Miller

US ARMY                

Army Nurse Corps Veteran/Behavior Health Expert

Brandon Buttrey - US Navy
Brandon (Doc) Buttrey

US NAVY                

Navy FMF Hospital Corpsman Veteran/Founder - Counter Strike Coffee

LIVE Panel Discussion Speakers

Jas Boothe - US Army
Jas Boothe

US ARMY                

Army Veteran/Final Salute Founder

Blayne Smith - US Army
Blayne Smith

US ARMY                

West Point Grad/Army Special Forces Veteran/Executive Director - Team RWB

Andrew Marr - US Army
Andrew Marr

US ARMY                

Army Special Forces Green Beret Veteran/Founder - Warrior Angels Foundation

LIVE Interactive Discussions

Ted Fuentes Air Force Crew Chief Veteran
Ted Fuentes

US AIR FORCE                

Air Force Crew Chief Veteran/Founder - Alliance Resource Group/Board Member - Disabled Veteran Business Alliance

Erica McMannes - US Army Spouse
Erica McMannes

US ARMY SPOUSE                

Active Duty Army Spouse/Co-Founder/CEO - MadSkills

Shari Cruz - US Marine Corps Veteran
Shari Cruz


Marine Corps Veteran - Active Duty Marine Corps Spouse/Freelance Instructional Designer

Scott Tucker US Army Veteran
Scott Tucker

US ARMY                

West Point Grad - Army Veteran/Founder - Be Financially Fit

About Your Summit Host

Hi, my name is Andrew Tepen, I’m a 7 year enlisted Navy Veteran and have had the entrepreneurial bug since childhood. The problem is I was never surrounded by people that had ‘been there, done that’ so I never really knew how to pursue that dream.

I enjoyed every minute I was in the Navy and the lifelong friendships I developed, but it was not until several years after my discharge, completing a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, and accepting and quitting numerous corporate jobs, that I realized the best time to capture this dream was NOW.

I have spent a lot of time seeking out information and realizing the vast amount of possibilities there are for other Veterans to not only chase, but actually capture, their dreams.

Personally I am on my second entrepreneurial endeavor. For over 10 years I was an endurance sports coach training triathletes, cyclists, and runners. There is something very powerful about helping someone reach a goal that at first seems so far out of reach.

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